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Halifax Public Relations Firm Nadernejad Media Helps Atlantic Canada Reach New Audiences

Halifax Public relations firms often focus on brand messaging and communications strategy.

Nadernejad Media, however, focuses on taking those strategies and executing a tactical public relations plan focused on online reputation management. We use a unique strategy called impression management to reverse-engineer outcomes for our clients.

A brief summary of Impression Management, which is now used in computer-mediated communication.

Nadernejad Media Inc. has recently moved into our Purdy’s Wharf corporate headquarters here in Halifax.

We’re excited to continue taking on clients globally and to get to know you.

Because of our prolific video creation in the online reputation management space, most of our clients come from the U.S. after watching our helpful content.

Our main goal of moving into this office space was to expand and help businesses in Atlantic Canada reach new audiences around the world.


As the director of Nadernejad Media, I’ve made over 600 videos about Halifax on my YouTube channel. I have gained over 1.2 million views and reached audiences around the world. These videos were completely separate from my marketing and public relations responsibilities.

I made them simply because I was passionate about Halifax and about Atlantic Canada.

As we’ve expanded, we’ve started creating a stronger digital presence in Atlantic Canada, starting with Halifax. I’ve engineered a very deliberate search campaign to rank for “public relations firms” in Halifax.

This campaign took hold of search engines in just a couple of days.

What Sets Us Apart

We believe public relations is about strategizing, but it’s also about driving measurable results.

What sets our firm apart is that we rank long-form content about our clients on search engines. We also guarantee media placements in news sites and high domain authority blogs.

As a Halifax public relations firm, we’re proud to work globally and help businesses in Atlantic Canada reach new audiences.

Learn More

To learn more about our services, visit our Nadernejad Media public relations website.

You can get in touch with us, either for an in-person meeting, video or phone call.

We would be delighted to hear from you and learn about how we can help you reach and influence your target audience.

Get an evening tour of our office space and book a call on our calendar to get in touch.