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Halifax PR Firm Nadernejad Media Inc. Moves to Purdy’s Wharf

Halifax Public Relations firm, Nadernejad Media Inc. finds its new home in Purdy’s Wharf.

Nadernejad Media Inc. is a public relations firm in Halifax, Nova Scotia specializing in online reputation management, guaranteeing media placements for their clients on niche blogs, news sites and networks around the world.

The firm serves individuals and businesses globally from their Halifax location on Upper Water St. to help them create a stronger online presence, suppress negative links and rank positive web assets at the top of search engines.

Nadernejad Media operates as a media company, purchasing websites and domains to later use them to push messaging for their clients.

Nadernejad Media started as a full-service digital marketing agency in 2015, but has evolved to operate solely in public relations and online reputation management.

The company plans to launch a new division, Nova Reputation Management, in the new year.

Director Nader Nadernejad says: “It’s going to be a premier public relations and online reputation management service in the B2B sector.”

What makes Nadernejad Media different is its focus on tactical results and its emphasis on tangible, concrete deliverables that change outcomes for their clients.

They focus on transforming the first page of search engine result pages, publishing information that they have predetermined to drive audiences and stakeholders to take desired actions.

Nadernejad Media uses data-driven research and social listening to decide what messaging will convince audiences to take the desired actions of brands.

Nadernejad Media then publishes that content as a news asset or as a webpage so that audiences searching for brands are immediately guided through a sales funnel with tight, consistent messaging.

To learn more about Nadernejad Media, you can visit their YouTube channel or official website.