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Recent Work

Recent Work by Nader Nadernejad

Learn about Nader Nadernejad’s work and the results he’s achieved for clients around the world.

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Online Reputation Management for Beannul H.

Beannul H. came to Nader Nadernejad in July of 2019 with a goal to craft a positive online presence about his non-profit and community work. At the time, he had limited social media or online presence.

Nadernejad interviewed Harper about his personal life and business to re-construct his online presence.

Nadernejad worked one-on-one with writers and publishers to research, write and distribute brand stories, press releases and feature articles about Harper to Google News syndicated sites, blogs and PR wires.

After two months of working together, the entire first page of Google search results for Harper displayed overwhelmingly positive media coverage.

Wikipedia Article and PR for Bernardo Javalquinto Lagos


“Nader is by far one of the most impressive social media superstar personalities that I know. His work is noble and priceless and he has an attitude of goodwill towards others far beyond most people I have met in my life.” — Bernardo Javalquinto-Lagos

Nadernejad worked with Bernardo Javalquinto-Lagos a renowned Latin American economist and educator, providing public relations and media publishing for his personal brand and nanotechnology startup: Latmetal U.S. 

Javalquinto-Lagos is the nephew of the former Chilean President: Ricardo Lagos. 

Nadernejad created and sourced the media for for Javalquinto-Lagos’ Wikipedia Article, which now appears on the sidebar (Google Knowledge Graphs) when you search Bernardo Javalqunito-Lagos. 

Online Reputation Management for Brandon Brice

Nader Nadernejad provided online reputation management services for Brandon Brice including media publishing on Google news, blog guest posting and a temporary feature on the Harvard Alumni Blog. 

Brandon Brice is a U.S. political commentator who was formerly the Director of Education Affairs by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The Michigan Chronicle also named him the 2018 man of excellence for his work with youth in Detroit. 

Brice has been featured on MSNBC, Fox News, Al-Jazeera, C-SPAN, BET, CNN and more. He’s also the host of BET’s Grand Hustle.

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