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Nader Nadernejad is the Director of Nadernejad Media, an SEMRush certified agency specializing in online reputation management. He also provides hyperlocal SEO and digital marketing services to businesses worldwide.

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About me

My name is Nader Nadernejad and I'm the founder of Nadernejad Media, a digital agency specializing in online reputation management.

With over eight years experience in digital marketing and public relations, I've worked on social campaigns with Canadian Tire, Circle K, TD Canada and The Toronto Star. I've also provided online reputation management services to companies like iTutorGroup, one of China's leading education companies valued at over $1 billion.

My videos about Canada on my YouTube channel have accumulated over 25,000 subscribers and over 9,500,000 organic views worldwide. My TikTok videos also have over 2 million hits.

I have a background in multimedia production, SEO, radio and television and hold an honours degree in journalism from the University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Learn about my SEO and digital marketing services here.

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