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My Story

"What do you do, Nader?"

Client and Professional Work
Digital Marketing and Online Reputation Management 85%
Monetized Digital Content
Online Videos and Courses 10%
Paid Sponsorships
Sponsors 5%
I use multimedia to tell stories and create brand images. I am a digital marketing specialist, using my knowledge of the media to help people grow their brand, fix their reputations and amplify their messages. 

My extensive background in multimedia helps me do just that. I have over seven years experience in the media industry, creating content on a national and international scale for businesses and media networks, which allows me to approach digital marketing and reputation management with a new set of skills and strategies.

I have experience in radio, television, social media marketing, journalism and publishing. I have additional experience with political interviews, news reporting, audio production and voiceovers. I have collaborated and cross-promoted with individuals in the entertainment industry for three years, including artists featured by Universal Motown, Vevo, CBC and more. I have experienced media in the public eye and behind the scenes, giving me the ability to tackle multifaceted undertakings with efficiency and ease. 

In 2015, I appeared on the national reality television show Canada’s Smartest Person, being the youngest contestant to compete in the country. 

My productions have been featured on CBC, Fullscreen, CHEX Television, Disney’s Maker Gen Studios and more. I have conducted radio interviews with CBC Chief News Correspondent Peter Mansbridge, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield and host of the Next Chapter, Shelagh Rogers. I also had the opportunity to produce videos for Canadian author Sigmund Brouwer as a video producer for Rock and Roll Literacy. 

I am the director of Nadernejad Media, providing start-up development, reputation and trust management, social media marketing and media relations services to clients across the globe. I have experience managing small and large budgets for digital campaigns. I am able to stretch smaller marketing budgets far enough to gain full-time positive media coverage for my clients and their businesses, making me a highly sought individual in the field of reputation management. I multiply the purchasing power of my clients and help them shine in the media.

"How does online reputation management work?"

Online reputation management is about managing the online reputations of personal brands and businesses. 

At Nadernejad Media, I focus on the positive things my clients are doing in their personal and professional lives and help them showcase that in rich long-form published digital content and on social media. 

I believe the media plays an important role in informing citizens and educating people, but I also think people should be able to influence the way they choose to present themselves online.

My online reputation management methods are not focused on removing the truth. They’re focused on presenting the whole story. 

At Nadernejad Media, our value statement reads: “Create an online presence that’s more like you.” 

Creating rich and engaging content that inspires audiences to gather around a positive cause is what drives me. Whether it’s fixing online reputations or building social audiences, I have what it takes to generate momentum around a cause. 

Check out this video where I explain how to build rapport with online audiences. This video was originally appeared on my LinkedIn page