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Online Reputation Management

I’ll create and execute a strategy to repair or boost your online reputation. With a background in digital marketing, public relations, communications and digital content distribution, I help individuals and businesses boost their brand credibility and trust in the eyes of the people they wish to reach. My online reputation management work has been featured by Yahoo Finance, McGraw Hill, Pearson Education and more. 

I’ve fostered strong relationships with digital publishers and media networks across the globe, which allows me to syndicate meaningful long-form multimedia content about your brand that ranks in search. I’ve had clients featured on Google News, The London Post UK, Harvard’s Alumni Blog and more. 

My online reputation management services have an immediate positive effect on brand recognition, credibility and reputation, ultimately boosting brand value and revenue potential of businesses and individuals. 

Packages start at $15,000 USD to suppress first-page negative search results for individuals. 

Packages start at $30,000 USD to suppress first-page negative search results for corporations.

Note: These retainers are typically paid over a 3-month campaign, and more challenging campaigns may cost more. 

Full-Service Digital Marketing

Social media, ads management and the works! 

I provide full-service digital marketing to small and large businesses alike on a case-by-case basis. 

What makes my digital marketing services different is my ability to increase conversion rates and sales through content creation and media publishing. I create positive media and remove negative media to create a brand that leaves a positive impression and tells a story. 

I’ve provided digital marketing services to HVAC companies and car dealerships in Canada and the U.S., increasing client calls, boosting conversions and increasing feedback score and positive consumer reviews. 

Packages start at $5000 USD per month.

SEO Services

What makes my SEO services different? It’s all in the research.

I find hundreds of low-competition, high volume search terms and rank on the first page for dozens of them. This has the potential to rank for top long-tail search terms fast, within weeks or even days. We find gaps in the most crowded and competitive industries, allowing you to move in and compete with your top competitors. 

My strategy lies in leveraging content marketing and ranking it on the first page of Google and YouTube, resulting in thousands of organic hits within months. I’m especially skilled at ranking for cities, locations and frequently asked questions. 

I target people who are looking for solutions using popular organic search methods, helping you increase leads, boost awareness and growth. 

Packages start at $5000 USD per month.