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Halifax Marketing Agency

Which Halifax Marketing Agency Should You Hire?

Nader Nadernejad is the director of Nadernejad Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in online reputation management.

Immediate warning: This post is going to be a giant sales pitch about why you should hire my digital marketing agency in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This is not going to be a top 10, list on the best marketing agencies in Halifax. Please do not feel overwhelmed or shocked that I didn’t list a number of marketing agencies in the city if that’s what you came here looking for.

What you will find is my secret to spreading messages, growing a following and monetizing your business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Who is Nader Nadernejad?

Nader Nadernejad Agency
Nader Naderneajd is a Halifax YouTuber and director of Nadernejad Media.

I originally came to Halifax for university and studied at the University of King’s College. During my time in university, I launched my own digital marketing agency and began working with clients in Canada and the U.S.

My focus was on full-service digital marketing: social media, SEO and the works.

Within four years, I received my Bachelor of Journalism Honours degree from King’s and opted to continue growing my agency.

I wanted to enter the marketing space instead of becoming a journalist. I wanted to grow businesses and help people manage their online presence.

My degree was useful because I was able to add reputation management and crisis communications to my agency. The lessons I was taught in journalism could be used in the marketing space. The new services became wildly successful and wouldn’t have been possible without my background in journalism.

On the side, I had also built up a following on YouTube and Instagram, creating content about Halifax.

My YouTube channel has over 10,000 subscribers and my Instagram has over 30,000 followers.

Between them I’ve worked on campaigns with Circle K, TD Canada and Canadian Tire.

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Why hire my marketing services in Halifax, Nova Scotia?

Head over to YouTube right now and type in any question about Halifax: the best places to eat, how to find an apartment, what the weather is like in the winter.

Each of these search terms will usually bring up at least one of my videos on the first page.

How did I do that? Was it sorcery or some crazy SEO trick?

It was persistence: making over 500 videos about Halifax no matter how I felt, no matter the time of day and no matter the weather.

I was determined to become the authority on content about Halifax and it worked.

We sustain about 100,000 watch minutes a month on my YouTube channel and each morning my inbox is flooded about questions related to Halifax.

With digital marketing experience and community experience in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I can make your business a success.

I’ve also worked as a journalist locally in the newsroom and on the field.

Want some fun tips on how to become HALI-FAMOUS? Check out this short video I made.

Which marketing services services do I offer in Halifax?

I work in full-service digital marketing, specializing in online reputation. People from around the world contact me to boost or repair their online presence.

In Halifax, I focus on growing local business and driving community and customer engagement.

I create targeted hyperlocal campaigns that generate hype and immediate momentum and I often employ the use of an aggressive content strategy focused on video marketing.

I provide social media marketing, paid advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), reputation and trust management, content creation and consulting.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can e-mail me at media@nadernejad.com or reach out through the contact form.