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Nader Nadernejad Biography

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Who is Nader Nadernejad?

Nader Nadernejad is a marketing and media entrepreneur, author of six books and Founder and Director of Nadernejad Media Inc., an online reputation management firm, helping people and organizations create a positive online presence. 

Nadernejad pioneered the first ethics guide in online reputation management and his firm manages an over 80 percent U.S. client portfolio, handling media presence and online reputation management in over a dozen rapidly evolving and high-stakes industries. Nadernejad represents a diverse array of organizations through his firm, including some of the top Fortune 500 service providers, public figures, global c-suite executives, politicians and governments in online reputation management, communications and branding. He has worked with presidential candidates, government advisors and international institutions.

His work has been featured on CBC, Fullscreen, FOX, MarketWatch, AP News, The Guardian and Huddle. He has hosted radio interviews with subjects such as former CBC Chief News Correspondent Peter Mansbridge, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield and host of CBC Radio One’s the Next Chapter, Shelagh Rogers.

His YouTube videos have approximately 10 million views with 25,000+ channel subscribers. With a background in digital and broadcast journalism, he has a fundamental understanding of what makes news, what drives clicks and how to tell a good story. His honours project (Published in J-Source) explored strategies for reporting on murder without glorifying the killer.

Nadernejad worked remotely between 2019 and 2022, continuing to build his online business while working out of co-working and startup hubs in countries such as: Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Turkey, Albania, Ukraine, the UK, Germany and Switzerland. His ORM firm has produced multi-lingual content for Swiss and other European search engine result pages to boost the online reputations of clients internationally. He also has over 100,000 students taking his courses on Udemy, including employees from companies like Eventbrite, Volkswagen and BOX. 

After running his online reputation management firm for eight years, he decided to expand the company’s mission protecting online reputations into the AI and cybersecurity sector, integrating the use of AI technology and incident response cybersecurity to boost campaign outcomes.